Natural Treatment for Menopause


Relieves symptoms characteristic of menopause and reduces cardiovascular disease risk. This is a natural alternative to using synthetic estrogens.

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Manage the symptoms of menopause. BLAMAC recommends FEMINAT, BIOSLEEP and OMEGA 3 formulation that will help you to pass this period with joy and quality of life.

MENOPAUSE, occurs in women with irregular periods, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings, among others.

To control these symptoms BLAMAC recommends the following formulation that will help you pass this period with joy and quality of life



Phytoestrogens are non-steroidal chemical compounds contained in large quantities in soybeans and aguaje. They are very important during a woman’s pre- and postmenopausal phase, during which absence of estrogens causes a series of adverse effects. Likewise, in cases where one or both ovaries have been removed and the body does not produce enough estrogens.

The estrogenic activity of AGUAJE + SOYBEAN stimulates breast growth, since the preparation presents effects that are similar to those of the female hormone estrogen, with which it shares similar chemical compounds.


  • Relieves symptoms of menopause
  • It is a natural alternative to the use of synthetic estrogens
  • Has no side effects
  • There is no danger of overdose unlike synthetic estrogens
  • It is nutritious, due to its high levels of vitamins A and E



  • SOYBEANS (Glycine max) have many highly beneficial nutritional properties. They contain phytoestrogens, such as the isoflavones genistein and daidzein. Isoflavones are a type of phytoestrogens, which are plant compounds that resemble human estrogens. For this reason, some experts recommend therapeutic use of soybeans, in order to treat menopause symptoms. Their consumption contributes to smoother skin and stronger nails, among others: Vitamin E from soybeans makes our skin smoother and clearer. The natural phytoestrogens in soybeans also prevent wrinkles, while their isoflavones help keep the skin elastic. Soybeans are an anti-androgen, which is why they neutralize an excess of male hormones, including the ones related to baldness. Thus they improve the hair’s appearance, nourishing it and making it shiny and smooth.

  • AGUAJE (Mauritia flexuosa) is a palm tree native to the Amazon. Its fruits contain high levels of vitamin A and E, as shown by studies conducted jointly at the Belgian Faculté de Sciences Agronomiques de l’Etat, Gembloux, and the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (1987), and another study performed by the Brazilian Federal University of the State of Pará (1998). Aguaje contains sitosterol, which is a precursor of female progestogen-type hormones. For this reason, it is believed that aguaje capsules could help “increase breast size, reduce skin hairiness, and increase a woman’s beauty.” Thanks to its phytoestrogen content, it can help with symptoms related to menopause, osteoporosis, and estrogen deficiency. The phytoestrogens in aguaje may also explain the beauty and exuberance of women from the Peruvian jungle, since they consume it on a regular basis. Note that aguaje consumption does not affect men, since the phytohormones are only recognized by the specific hormone receptors that abound in female tissues but are scarce in men.

100-capsule bottle (500 mg / 0.018 oz capsules)


Adults: Take 1 capsule three times a day, after meals.


Keep container tightly-closed. Store in a fresh and dry place, and keep away from light.


No adverse secondary effects are known, so there are no contraindications. However, due to lack of studies, this product should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation or by children.


This indication is no (medical) prescription, so it does not replace an appointment with the doctor. Keep away from children.



BIOSLEEP-RELAX represents the best combination to RELAX well, achieve serenity, peace, and, at the same time, increase one’s working capacity.


Our medical team recommends using BIOSLEEP-RELAX, whose formula is appropriate for good stress management and for ensuring good relaxation. This is a 100% natural anti-stress product.


  • Relieves symptoms of stress (tiredness, headache, anxiety, irritability, etc.)
  • Helps improve mood
  • It helps to sleep
  • Reduce stress


  • LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) is a herb that contains citronella, citronellol, citral, and geraniol. Its sleep-inducing effect, as well as its influence on the nervous system (it gives rise to a state of serenity and relaxedness, with sleep characteristics) are well known.
  • MAGNESIUM is a mineral that is involved in many important metabolic processes, one of them being blood vessel relaxation. It is estimated that over 80% of Americans suffer from a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium boosts the action of the other ingredients, influencing relaxation and insomnia relief in a decisive way.
  • VITAMIN B6 or Pyridoxine is extremely important because it preserves the normal neurological function, controls depression, and determines good brain functioning. Its inclusion in our formulation is essential because its deficiency gives rise to a lot of irritability and anxiety, modifying sleep.
  • VALERIANA (Valeriana officinalis) is a herb that is considered one of the greatest nervous system drugs. It fights anxiety. It induces sleep, causing sleepiness and relaxing the nervous system and, with it, the brain.

100-capsule bottle (500 mg / 0.018 oz capsules)

Adults: Take 2 to 3 capsules in the nights, after dinner, before going to bed.
It is recommended to exercise and go for walks, but not strenuous ones. Frequent exercise helps increase levels of serotonin, a substance that helps in stress reduction.

Keep container tightly-closed. Store in fresh and dry place, and keep away from light.

It should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation or by children. Neither should it be taken when drinking alcohol, or while taking benzodiazepines or synthetic antidepressants.
Do not drive after taking a capsule.

When taking the capsules according to the recommended doses and frequencies, no adverse secondary effects can be observed. This indication is no (medical) prescription, so it does not replace an appointment with the doctor. Keep away from children.


OMEGA 3 BY SACHA INCHI (Inca peanuts)

Is an essential fatty acid not produced by our bodies. However, we need to consume it on a daily basis in order to stay healthy and conserve high physical and mental performance.

This oil, which contains no less than 47% of OMEGA-3, is considered the best plant source for OMEGA-3. It also contains natural preservatives and antioxidants that make it stable and durable without any use of synthetic or artificial chemical products.

BLAMAC offers the OMEGA 3 DE SACHA INCHI in softgel capsules, in a type of packaging or presentation according to the strictest global standards of quality and hygiene from the healthcare food industry.



  • Dramatically reduces triglyceride and cholesterol levels
  • Reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduce inflammation levels


  • SACHA INCHI (Plukenetia volubilis) is a plant that is native to the Peruvian Amazon forests, already consumed by the ancient Incas and their ancestors and containing no less than 47% of OMEGA-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are obtained through a cold process that preserves sacha inchi’s natural nutrients and preservatives, such as vitamin A, E, etc., which give the acids long life and stability. Other than OMEGA-3 fatty acids from fish, sacha inchi does not contain any cholesterol, synthetic preservatives or artificial dyes.

  • OMEGA-3 and 6 are called essential fatty acids (EFA) because the human body needs to consume them.
  • The consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids reduces inflammation and can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as arthritis and heart disease. The brain contains large quantities of these fatty acids and they seem to play a very important role in cognitive functioning. In fact, children who do not receive a large enough quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy have a higher risk of presenting visual problems and problems concerning the nervous system. OMEGA-3 and 6 are necessary for brain development. In the adult body they are necessary for brain functions. Linolenic acid is particularly important for this function.
  • The body uses OMEGA-3 and 6 to produce substances known as prostaglandins, which act like hormones. These sister substances – the prostaglandins – have functions that are important for regulating bodily functions. For example, they regulate the muscles’ arterial tone, sodium release through the kidneys, platelet viscosity, inflammatory response, and immunological functions. Due to these crucial functions, at present there is a lot of prostaglandin research going on.

100-capsule bottle (500 mg / 0.018 oz capsules)

  1. As a Preventive Agent
    • Adults: Take 1 capsule twice a day, after meals.
  2. As a Preventive Agent
    • Adults: Take 2 capsules three times a day, after meals.

Keep container tightly-closed. Store in dry and fresh place, and keep away from light.


There are no contraindications for the recommended dose or frequencies.


This indication is not a (medical) prescription. This product is a functional natural product. Keep away from children.



3 capsules of FEMINAT (1 after each meal)

3 capsules of BIOSLEEP (1 after each meal)

3 capsules of Omega 3 from Sacha Inchi (1 after each meal)



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