MACAMEN, is an extraordinary combination of three natural Andean and Amazonian products capable of energizing and enhancing sexual activity. Powerful male sexual restorer.

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Millions of men suffer from sexual problems that cause psychosomatic disorders that affect their personal life and family environment.

MACAMEN, is an extraordinary combination of three natural Andean and Amazonian products which are capable of energizing and enhancing sexual activity.


  • Avoid erectile dysfunction
  • Fight premature ejaculation
  • Improvement of blood circulation in general (and especially intracranial)
  • Increase in the quantity and quality of sperm (spermatogenesis)
  • Remarkable increase in libido or sexual desire
  • Increased fertility
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It does not produce any type of addiction and has no side effects



  • GUARANA: (Paullinia cupana) This Amazon fruit contains caffeine that increases alertness reduces stress and tiredness. The stimulant effects of caffeine are manifested both neurologically and sexually. Guarana is an aphrodisiac plant used by natives of Amazon to increase libido or lack of sexual appetite. Guarana supplements prevent oxidation of body fat, demonstrating its powerful antioxidant properties. Dr. Asland, Brazil 1982, who would later patent the famous GEROVITAL (a well-known anti-aging drug) said about guarana: “You naturally have one of the most powerful youth sources known today”.

  • MACA: (Lepidium peruvianum), atomized maca root, grown in the Peruvian Andes, is a powerful and recognized 100% natural aphrodisiac. Contains vitamins, minerals, low fat and  is considered an adaptogen, as it increases the resistance of the body to external conditions.

    Adaptogens operate with natural rhythms and allow remineralization of the body, revitalizing and potentiating the immune system. Although Maca does not contain hormones, it is able to regulate and support the endocrine system. Its nutrients and NN substances induce the glands to function normally, to produce vital hormones at the precise doses predetermined by the same body.

    Four novel alkaloids have been found: Macaine 1, 2, 3, and 4. These are responsible for the regulatory activation of the hormone located in the brain that regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. It is estimated that the four alkaloids and the amino acid L arginine are responsible for therapeutic effects.

  • HUANARPO MACHO: (Jatropha macranta M.) It has the following active ingredients: steroids, saponins, tannins, flavonoids and alkaloids. An effect of Huanarpo Macho is that it blocks alpha-adrenergic receptors that reduce the effect of hormones that cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels in penile tissues, which is essential in maintaining erectile function


  • L-ARGININE: It is very effective, restores male sexual potency at any age.



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