Diabetes mellitus: maintaining a level of health naturally


Diabetes has spread globally in an alarming way. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2015 type II diabetes mellitus affected more than 700 million people. In fact, world experts have said it is a pandemic. Treating diabetes naturally is an option.

Every day, traditional medicine ventures into the search for new treatments. But thousands of people are looking for other options that allow them to control this disease naturally. Their purpose is to live with the disease without causing the terrible disabling effects that it entails.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when glucose levels in the blood are very high. This occurs because the beta cells of the pancreas either do not make enough of a hormone called insulin or the body does not use it properly.

This hormone helps to synthesize glucose from food and to convert it into energy. When insulin is not produced in the proper amounts, glucose stays in the bloodstream, causing serious health problems.

Diabetes mellitus and its classification

Diabetes is classified into two main types: type I or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, and type II or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. There are other types of diabetes such as gestational, monogenic and that produced by association with cystic fibrosis. In this post we will talk about type II diabetes mellitus.

Type I diabetes mellitus

This type of diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the body attacks insulin-producing cells, producing the disorder. It appears in childhood, adolescence or early youth. Those who suffer from it must take insulin daily to survive.

Type II diabetes mellitus

It is the most common diabetes. It can appear in middle age and in the elderly. However, it is conditioned by environmental factors and in some cases appears in childhood. In the USA this type of diabetes is suffered by one in four individuals over 65 years of age.

In this case, the pancreas decreases its production of insulin or the body simply does not use it well. It can be treated with supplements, but, above all, with the modification of diet and lifestyle. This is why it is possible to treat this disease by modifying the lifestyle. And also adding to this natural treatment to control the disease.

Type II diabetes today. What is the problem?

Since the era of industrialization began, the number of cases has increased alarmingly. The consumption of processed foods and beverages, junk food, a sedentary lifestyle and habits such as smoking and alcoholism have compounded its complications.

By 2015, in the US alone, more than 30 million individuals, equivalent to 10% of its population, had type II diabetes. Many people tend to downplay the issue by saying “my sugar is just a little high” or “I have prediabetes.”

The person may be fooling themselves that their diabetes is not that bad. However, all types of diabetes are very serious and seriously compromise health and life.

Risk factors in the appearance of type II diabetes

There are several factors that, when present, influence an apparently healthy individual to start suffering from type II diabetes. Although there may be a genetic component in its appearance, environmental factors are a trigger for the disease. These are:

  • Obesity. The onset of diabetes is often preceded by morbid obesity. Years of increased body mass index and abdominal circumference lead these people to develop type II diabetes over time.
  • Bad nutrition. Subjecting the body for a long time to processed foods, junk foods rich in fats, sugars and carbohydrates helps the onset of diabetes.
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Working sitting down or simply spending a lot of time in front of the television or the computer without doing anything is a factor that affects the development of diabetes. In fact, it is known that a daily bout of exercise can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Unhealthy habits. Smoking, consuming a lot of alcohol and lack of exercise affect the development of type II diabetes mellitus.

Type II diabetes and health damage

The truth is that cases are increasing all over the world and this silent killer continues to leave many people blind and with other disabilities. This disease can affect all the organism’s systems, causing serious damage to health and even premature death. Hyperglycemia causes long-term damage to the body, namely:

  • Neuropathy. When there is a high level of glucose in the blood, damage to the nerves is produced that prevents you from feeling pain, cold, pressure or heat. This in turn can lead to sexual impotence, numbness and ulcers in the extremities, incontinence, dizziness, dysphagia, and muscle weakness.

Neuropathy greatly increases the risk of foot and leg ulcers and amputations.

  • Damage to the musculoskeletal system. Increases the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. The body is more prone to fungal and bacterial infections that can reach the bone. This is why it is necessary to amputate one or both lower extremities, which leaves the individual disabled.
  • Retinopathy. Visual disturbances and blindness.
  • Kidney damage from nephropathy. Persistent hyperglycemia can lead to kidney damage up to chronic kidney failure. When it is installed, the patient’s health and quality of life deteriorate greatly. His life is limited to a dialysis machine that he must undergo up to three times a week for several hours a day.
  • Damage to the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure, dysrhythmias, cardiovascular diseases, strokes such as embolisms and thrombosis. In addition, there is an increased risk of heart attacks, angina, and arteriosclerosis.

Treat Type II Diabetes Naturally

To treat type II diabetes naturally, you have to focus on getting the modification of certain habits and lifestyles, those habits that have been making a dent in your health. These have been a determining factor in the installation of the disease in many people.

Giving up these unhealthy habits can give you the opportunity to achieve a higher quality of life, that is, to reverse the effects of diabetes. It is time to do the following:

Abandon sedentary lifestyle

Exercising daily can make a difference. Make it a goal to spend an hour a day walking, running, or doing some physical activity. It doesn’t have to be in a gym with a trainer, just get out there and move around a bit!

Modify your diet

Cook at home. Add more organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and greens. Not only will you lose weight, you will feel much better. Give up unhealthy habits like smoking or binge drinking.

Control your disease

Record your blood glucose levels every week. It is necessary to have a glucometer at home so that you do it daily if the last counts have been very high.

Control your blood pressure

If you are hypertensive, take the medication indicated by your doctor and periodically measure your blood pressure.


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Type II diabetes and natural treatment

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