Anxiety and How to Manage It: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


It is inevitable that the daily activities will cause us that annoying feeling of discomfort: anxiety. Although traditional medicine uses drugs to treat it, cognitive behavioral therapy and other alternative methods have worked.

We feel sweating, palpitations and even butterflies in the stomach when we are near some new event. All of this is part of the normal sensations that sometimes occur. But the moment comes when that annoying sensation does not move away from us, it becomes persistent and does not allow us to concentrate.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been very helpful in treating anxiety. In this post we will talk about how this type of therapy combined with other alternative methods treat anxiety sucessfully+.

Seeking help to treat anxiety

Some people who have been prey to anxiety have missed many opportunities. They have not been able to get the dream job, share a beautiful evening with friends or the love of their life. This is because simply anxiety and fear paralyzes them. Anxiety can be so disabling that it can prevent us from doing everyday tasks and relating to others.

When anxiety prevents us from normal individual and collective performance, it is time to seek help. Cognitive behavioral therapy has shown good results for the management of anxiety. With this therapy, specific situations in which each patient presents disabling anxiety can be identified.

This therapy modality helps the patient to be an active part of their treatment. The therapist trains your skills and shapes your behavior to help you navigate your daily life.


Alternative methods for managing anxiety

Many psychotherapists who use this type of therapy add to this the implementation of other alternative methods to complement psychotherapy. They are natural methods that are effective in managing this condition. These are usually the following ones.

The exercise helps to reduce anxiety

According to the researchers, exercise is extremely helpful in reducing anxiety. It is even used as a therapy to reduce the anxiety of smoking when you want to quit.

On the other hand, progressive relaxation exercises can help anxious people. Since anxiety and stress always put a person in a state of tension, these exercises can greatly help you relax. Lying down comfortably and beginning to relax the whole body from the toes to the neck is highly beneficial.

The meditation

There are different types of meditation that work to decrease anxiety and stress. Mindfulness meditation, yoga, and mindfulness meditation have been very helpful in managing anxiety and other moods.

Time management

Having too many commitments can cause this problem. Work, family, and health care can be triggers for this state of mind. Planning by assigning time to each activity usually helps a lot in time management, which helps to reduce this condition. It is not convenient to try to do several things at the same time, as that generates more anxiety.


Permeating the environment with aromas of relaxing natural oils is often very beneficial to reduce anxiety and relax. You can experiment with various scents.

Lavender oil is particularly recommended, but there are others such as jasmine, roses and vanilla. Most people tend to react very well to this and combine it with meditation and relaxation exercises.


Herbal teas

Herbal teas have been widely used since the time of our grandmothers to calm down. In fact, some people say that just going through the process of making a tea calms and relaxes them. Various herbs such as linden, chamomile, lemon balm, valerian, and many others help to reduce anxiety.

Keep a written record

Some people have found it helpful to capture how they feel through writing. They start journaling, write poetry or just a topic on anything. Those who do say that it has been very helpful in managing this problem.

The use of Cannabidiol Oil

It is a derivative of the cannabis or marijuana plant, but it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the component that produces the amazing effects of this plant. It is available in health food stores and is over the counter. Studies have shown that it is highly effective in reducing anxiety levels and panic attacks.



Herbal supplements

There are some herbal supplements indicated to reduce this condition. In this sense, we recommend BIOSLEEP-RELAX. This product contains the best combination of herbs to achieve a very good relaxation and tranquility. At the same time, it increases the ability to do jobs that require greater concentration.

BIOSLEEP-RELAX is highly recommended to reduce fatigue and anxiety attacks caused by stress. A medical team recommends the use of this supplement that helps to properly manage stress and ensures better relaxation.

It is a 100% natural product that does not have the side effects of chemical drugs such as benzodiazepines.

Interacting with animals helps control anxiety

Many medical and psychology professionals recommend equine therapy, swimming with dolphins, and even caring for small animals and insects to reduce this condition.

Managing anxiety with natural methods is possible. It is advisable to use these methods before resorting to drugs that have dangerous side effects.

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