Month: September 2020


Turmeric and its important health benefits

Since the earliest times in the Asian continent, Zingiberaceae plants have represented part of daily life due to their high nutritional value, using them in natural medicine and gastronomy. Among them we highlight turmeric, also known as Indian saffron, or curcuma longa by its scientific name. Turmeric, inside has a peculiar yellowish almost orange color, which is used as a…

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sexual impotence

How treat sexual impotence in a natural way

Sexuality in men is an essential aspect in his life. Any difficulty, such as sexual impotence, completely affects your self-esteem and relationships. In the medical area, we talk about erectile dysfunction, and it is a more common condition than is believed. It is estimated that one in five men is affected with sexual impotence. In addition, suffering from this condition…

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Osteoporosis: a problem that has a solution

With the passage of time our bones weaken and, as it appears, with osteoporosis this process accelerates. There are many methods that exist to avoid the deterioration of the bones. But which one is the most convenient? Keep reading, you will learn how to prevent bone loss in your body. What is osteoporosis? If the bones become brittle, we speak…

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kidney stones

What you need to know about kidney stones and their treatment

Kidney stones form when your kidneys cannot remove waste from your body because you do not have enough fluid to dilute it. Therefore, these wastes accumulate in the kidneys until they agglutinate and form the so-called stones. Kidney stones are very common. There are people who frequently suffer from them since their body constantly produces them. There are four types…

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Menopause, everything you need to know

Multiple changes live women from birth, going through essential changes for the creation of life. An important change is the arrival of menopause, an event that indicates that the end of fertility has arrived. Since the formation of the female fetus, about five hundred thousand eggs originate within the ovary. Upon reaching puberty, the reproductive stage begins with the appearance…

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Insomnia -symptoms, risks and treatment

When we talk about disorders in the world population, insomnia is one of the most frequent. This disease, which most frequently attacks adults, is also affecting children. But how can we avoid it? Could it be that this disorder really has a solution? Keep reading. We will show you everything you need to know to stay one step ahead of…

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How to get Cholesterol reduction in a natural way

For most of us, there really is no need to fill our medicine cabinets with cholesterol-lowering pills. Taking the right ones and with a group of natural strategies based on lifestyle we can achieve the cholesterol reduction we want. Did you know that for every 10% drop in your cholesterol level, your risk of heart attack drops between 20% and…

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Diabetes mellitus: maintaining a level of health naturally

Diabetes has spread globally in an alarming way. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2015 type II diabetes mellitus affected more than 700 million people. In fact, world experts have said it is a pandemic. Treating diabetes naturally is an option. Every day, traditional medicine ventures into the search for new treatments. But thousands of people are looking…

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Anxiety and How to Manage It: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is inevitable that the daily activities will cause us that annoying feeling of discomfort: anxiety. Although traditional medicine uses drugs to treat it, cognitive behavioral therapy and other alternative methods have worked. We feel sweating, palpitations and even butterflies in the stomach when we are near some new event. All of this is part of the normal sensations that…

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All you have to know about the big problem of obesity

The term obese describes a person who is very overweight and has a lot of body fat. Obesity is a common problem in the world that is estimated to affect around one in four adults and around one in five children between the ages of 10 and 11. According to the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), obesity levels in the…

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